• Infrastructure: An Investment Worth Making

    The new administration has outlined critical objectives for getting our country back on track: creating jobs, boosting economic growth, and improving infrastructure. This is good news as these three concepts are intertwined. Infrastructure projects not only create jobs and improve quality of life for all Americans, but they enhance economic growth in the long term. With improved roads, bridges, and ports, businesses are better able to serve consumers and expand their enterprises. Supply Chains Rely…

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  • Infrastructure Week 2017 – Celebrating 5 Years

    We’ve come a long way. We still have a long way to go. This year, it’s #TimeToBuild

    As Infrastructure Week prepares to celebrate its fifth year, let’s step back and look at where America was when we started. In 2013, we were in the midst of passing yet another short-term and short-sighted extension to the Highway Trust Fund, one in a series of over three dozen stop-gap measures. The gridlock in Washington was starting to contribute to gridlock for families across America, as states delayed projects and deferred maintenance. Debate raged over…

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