May 18, 2017 from 5:30 PM–7:30 PM

The EIG Infrastructure and Mega Development Forum & Reception

Hosted by Equitable Infrastructure Group

The City and State has traditionally been the largest developer, owner and provider of infrastructure services in the region, but private sector participation in infrastructure development is increasing. Hear top developers share their views and experiences.

More than any other national issue, there is common ground on investing in America’s infrastructure. Now is the time for national leaders to come together, ensure robust and sustainable federal funding, and work with communities to build transformational projects. And, it’s time for leaders at all levels and across sectors to build and deploy innovative technology, policy, and finance solutions that ensure infrastructure projects are built faster, smarter, and safer.

It’s time to build smarter transportation, energy, and water networks adaptable to changing demand, secure grids, and safe water supply. It’s time to modernize our seaports and airports and the land-side infrastructure that supports them. It’s time to build cities for the future that seamlessly integrate autonomous vehicles, public transit, and the built environment.

During Infrastructure Week, we want to recognize progress. Celebrating the progress of those who have moved projects forward. We want to advance partnerships and investments.