May 14, 2019

“Fred Walk”

Hosted by Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

May 13-20 marks the seventh year for Infrastructure Week, a national celebration of our country’s infrastructure systems and the essential role they play in our economy. To celebrate Infrastructure Week 2019, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District invites you to join a Behind-the-Scenes tour to Restricted Infrastructure.

We will enter the Combined Sewer Overflow outfall located at Edgewater Beach. In the 1970s and 1980s, this combined sewer outfall discharged raw sewage into Lake Erie 40-50 times each year. With the Sewer District’s past investments, an overflow occurs just once every couple of years. But, when this happens, it’s a big story. What’s behind that 9’ iron gate? Join us and see for yourself.

You must be 18+ to attend. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are mandatory. Hard hats and other PPE (personal protective equipment) will be provided.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District protects public health and the environment by leading effective wastewater and stormwater management. As the largest wastewater treatment provider in the State of Ohio, the Sewer District spans 380 square miles, serves 62 communities and one million residents, and treats 90 billion gallons of wastewater a year.

In addition to its award-winning treatment plant and laboratory performance, the Sewer District’s Project Clean Lake construction program will reduce annual Lake Erie pollution by 4 billion gallons by 2036, while its Regional Stormwater Management Program addresses widespread inter-community problems like flooding, pollution, and erosion.

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