May 14, 2019 from 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

Green Infrastructure Municipal Workshop

Hosted by Pinelands Preservation Alliance New Jersey Future


Every neighborhood and community deserves clean water, yet 90% of New Jersey’s rivers, streams, and lakes- even many that look clear and clean- are polluted. The problem is stormwater runoff. A powerful solution is green infrastructure. As a municipal leader, you have the power to protect and improve your community’s water using green infrastructure.

New Jersey Future and Pinelands Preservation Alliance invite you to participate in a workshop teaching communities all about New Jersey Future’s New Jersey Green Infrastructure Municipal Toolkit. As part of this event, you will have the chance to learn how to use the toolkit as a resource to plan, implement, and sustain green infrastructure in your town! Dinner will be available free of charge.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, hear success stories, and interact with community leaders and green infrastructure experts to exchange ideas and advice.

For any questions or additional information please contact Isabella Castiglioni at 856-761-4608

Meet the Speakers!

Kendra Lelie (Senior Associate, Clarke Caton Hintz): Kendra Lelie is a highly accomplished professional planner and licensed landscape architect design with more than 15 years of experience directing planning and design projects from concept to completion. Her successful track record includes the preparation of master plans, zoning ordinances and redevelopment plans, with a specific expertise on livable places, smart growth, affordable housing and recreational planning/design.

Christopher C. Obropta (Extension Specialist in Water Resources with Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program): Chris and his staff identify and address community water resources issues using sustainable and practical science-based solutions throughout New Jersey. Over the last several years, he and his team have been working with communities to implement green infrastructure practices throughout the urban centers of New Jersey.

Jaclyn Rhoads (Assistant Executive Director at Pinelands Preservation Alliance): Dr. Jaclyn Rhoads started working in the Pinelands in 2004 tracking municipal activities, working closely with the Pinelands Municipal Council, and engaging with the communities to implement green stormwater infrastructure practices. Dr. Rhoads manages the policy and science staff at PPA, leads the organization’s activities for the Delaware River Watershed Initiative, and primarily handles lobbying efforts.

Kandyce Perry (Planning and Policy Manager at New Jersey Future):Kandyce manages New Jersey Future’s Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure program, which assists communities, developers, and design professionals in using green stormwater infrastructure. Kandyce also coordinates the Green Infrastructure Committee of the Jersey Water Works collaborative, which is working to upgrade New Jersey’s water infrastructure with cost-effective, sustainable solutions, and she coordinates the City of Trenton’s Municipal Action Team for community engagement and outreach on green infrastructure. Prior to joining New Jersey Future, Kandyce worked on brownfield redevelopment at the City of Camden Redevelopment Agency.

Louise Wilson (Director, Green Infrastructure at New Jersey Future):Louise Wilson directs New Jersey Future’s Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure program, aimed at moving green stormwater infrastructure practices into the mainstream. She is a former mayor and committeewoman in Montgomery Township, and a former member of the New Jersey State Planning Commission. She has served as an officer of the League of Municipalities Executive Board and as president of the League’s Educational Foundation, where she continues to serve as a trustee. Louise is a member of her local planning board and master plan committee, and a trustee for a statewide land preservation and conservation policy organization.