May 13, 2019 from 5:00 PM–9:00 PM

Infrastructure Week 2019: Seattle

Hosted by Utility²

Infrastructure Week is a nation-wide week of events, media coverage, with education and advocacy efforts to elevate infrastructure as a critical issue impacting all Americans. For Seattle, Utility² is shifting the focus of the local IW events to showcase our city’s infrastructure-related projects and initiatives; primarily how investing in, and carefully planning long-term development strategies have directly benefited our communities, regional ecosystems, and remain imperative to the sustainability of our Modernity.

ɪnfrəstrʌktʃə: the basic physical and organizational structures & facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

Our targeted audience is diverse; simply stated as anyone who has a vested interest in planning, designing, building, maintaining, managing assets, or establishing policy/programs within our public infrastructure and utility services. Our goal is to provide an excellent opportunity for public engagement and awareness, exhibiting projects, initiatives, opportunities, while humanizing such efforts within our cities!

Join us at this social event for interesting conversations, presentations, and of course, beer!

Event starts at 5:00PM – Presentations and Q&A Panel at 6:00PM!

Look forward to hearing from:

  • SoundTransit: express buses, light rail, and commuter train services for the central Puget Sound Region
  • Commute Seattle: part of Downtown Transportation Alliance (DTA) and ORCA Card Programs
  • NW Eco-building Guild: community of builders, designers, suppliers, homeowners, and partners concerned with ecological building in the Pacific Northwest
  • BLOCK Project: an innovative housing initiative and a community building project, partnered with Facing Homelessness
  • Stewardship Partners: creates people-based solutions that engage Puget Sound communities as caretakers of the land and water that sustain us.
  • 2030Districts: an interdisciplinary public-private initiative to facilitate sustainable building strategies in downtown Seattle
  • Friends of Discovery Park: all-volunteer group formed in 1974 to defend the integrity of Discovery Park
  • LIME: founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility
  • SDOT (tentative): delivering a high-quality transportation system for Seattle

Following the Kick-off event, Utility² will be hosting exciting facility tours:

Tues (5/14) – MSW: A Mounting Problem Stop by Fremont to see the SPU North Transfer Station (NTS) & neighborhood park! Learn about sustainable MSW processing methods, and the importance of remediation efforts, like that of the late Richard Haag, to restore greenspaces in our post-industrialized cities.

Weds (5/15) – Water: Our Most Precious Resource Visit the Brightwater Environmental Center & Park for a facility tour of the advanced wastewater treatment plant, emphasizing the importance of resource conservation and allocation of greenspaces by design. Travel to Woodinville to see rate-payer funds at work, King County’s 1% for the Arts, and enjoy walking the Brightwater park!

Thurs (5/16) – Stormwater: Run-off & Abatement Visit Discovery Park in Magnolia and join a facility tour of the West Point WWTP. See the importance of sustainable development strategies and stormwater abatement, preserving our urban greenspaces for future generations to come…

If you want to learn even more about YOUR public infrastructure, join us by RSVP’ing on the Google Form below!