May 8, 2019 from 8:00 AM–5:00 PM

Public Transportation Means Business Fly-in

Hosted by American Public Transportation Association

APTA’s National Public Transportation Career Day, a national workforce development initiative that introduces K-12 students to careers in public transit, is on Thursday, May 16, 2019. For the past several years, APTA has encouraged our members to conduct outreach activities to showcase the wealth of career opportunities on the Thursday of National Infrastructure Week.


The goal is for all transit agencies, private businesses, and members to host an event or activity that will showcase industry talents. The May 16th career day is a chance to engage ​youth in our communities and bring awareness to the vast array of career opportunities within public transportation. Engagement activities may include a tour of your transit facility, visiting a school, providing interactive demonstrations, holding a poster contest, or hosting a creative career awareness program.


Suggested Acitivities & Resources

For your convenience, helpful resources for teachers and students are located under the Resources section to the right of this page.

Need ideas? Below is a suggested list of activities you can facilitate – your youth outreach involvlement can be as big or small as you dream up!​

Suggested Activities for National Public Transportation Career Day



Sharing Best Practices 

In attracting new talent, knowledge, and skills to public transportation, connecting with the K-12 students in your community is a way to tell our story of opportunities. We want to hear your outreach story! How will you engage the youth in your area?

Share your best practices, outreach activities, and stories on APTA’s website or as a feature in Passenger Transport. Publicizing how our members promote our industry to the future workforce by connecting with students in their communities is an essential aspect of workforce development.

Please assist us with this fantastic opportunity to introduce transit careers to the next generation of prospective workers, and to mentor and guide the nation’s youth to the public transportation industry. Complete the brief survey (link below) to share with us your outreach initiatives, either as part of National Public Transportation Career Day, or general activities you hold throughout the year.

2019 National Public Transportation Career Day Survey



For additional information, please contact:

Jasmine Richmond, Educational Services Coordinator at​​.