May 15, 2018 from 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

SmartCityWorks Digital Community Seminar

Hosted by Smart City Works

Smart City Works is hosting a day-long seminar in Washington, DC as part of Infrastructure Week, an annual series of events.

Our seminar will focus on the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, bringing experts in building smarter villages, towns and cities using connected solutions. Whether more efficient roads, bridges, tunnels and public transportation, the control and management of energy usage that reduces cost and carbon emissions, the use of cameras incorporated into assets to enable law enforcement to keep citizens safer and respond to natural disasters faster – technology is the lifeblood of next generation public investment in sustainable infrastructure.

“The Future Won’t Wait. Neither can we,” is the theme of the non-profit Infrastructure Week organizers, and we agree and as another non-profit organization are proud to promote the voices of visionaries, analysts and entrepreneurs, from small to big companies, who are working together to “instrument” our infrastructure. With sensors, connectivity, clouds, applications, analytics and full systems, we can manage assets better, dramatically improving the quality of life of our citizens, while equally dramatically reducing the requirement for tax dollars with more automation and intelligence “built in.”

It’s #TimeToBuild, and we believe the timing is perfect to consider technology and connectivity as new infrastructure is built, as a fundamental part of the thinking, planning, investment, implementation and and ongoing management of “smarter smart communities.”

“Too many Americans are waiting. We’re waiting in traffic, on bus and subway platforms, and in airport terminals. We’re waiting for water mains to stop breaking. We’re waiting for goods to get to grocery shelves on time. We’re waiting to connect high-speed internet to more homes, schools, and businesses; waiting for a security energy grid that can withstand the challenges of the 21st century. We’re waiting for the high-quality jobs that investment in infrastructure creates. We’re waiting for modern, fast, reliable, and safe infrastructure.”

  • The poor quality of our nation’s roads costs the average motorist $533 each year in auto repairs, and commuters waste 42 hours and $1,200 in fuel per person and idling in traffic.
  • Aging and strained water utilities are rushing to keep pace with demand, while water-reliant businesses from breweries to automakers lose as much as $5,800 per employee for each day of disrupted service.
  • More than $1.3 trillion in property lies in the path of under-maintained aging levees, dams, and other critical infrastructure, putting whole communities at risk.

Given private and public company investment over the last few years, with the advent of 5G networking, and other local networking advancements, more and more communities are deploying revolutionary connected technologies including affordable, advanced sensors enable everything from predictive maintenance, fixing infrastructure before it breaks and even takes lives, to addressing the need to secure every community from terrorism and systemic violence.

Smart City Works is hosting this event in Washington, DC, not only because our non-profit is based here, but because we are calling for federally elected officials and the agencies our tax dollars fund to stop talking and start acting on a national vision for infrastructure, and a plan to pay for it.

Our infrastructure, our safety, and our economic competitiveness is in harm’s way until we get the support from the government we need and demand.

We’re bringing to together business leaders across a number of technologies and solutions, to share what’s possible and what’s working already, communicating and collaborating on an issue that should have no political obstruction. It’s time to build and modernize America’s infrastructure, and it’s time to do that with technology embedded.

Join us as we bring together the leaders who are bringing together physical and digital infrastructure for connected communities.

Learn how innovators are instrumenting new infrastructure builds with IoT, software, cloud, and systems using digital asset management as a way to make the building of new roads, bridges, public transportation, water facilities, public safety, first responders and healthcare, public stadiums, public parks and public schools more efficient and safe.

It is #TimeToBuild.