Modern Infrastructure Enables Trucks to Keep America Moving Forward

Every day, there are 32 million trucks traveling our nation’s highways, bridges and tunnels to deliver the goods that we rely on to every corner in America. While you’re at the store, you may not stop to think about the journey a product took before it was placed on the shelf, but all the everyday goods you need are supplied to you by trucks. The food in your fridge, the medicine in your cabinet and the gas in your car, were all delivered to you by a truck.

Trucks travel more than 274 billion miles each year moving more than 70% of our nation’s freight. The hard-working trucking professionals behind the wheel work tirelessly each day to safely deliver our goods on time to continue to keep our lives supplied, communities stocked and local economies thriving. Just as you rely on truck deliveries, we rely on strong infrastructure to enable us to get to our destination safely and on time.

That’s why Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) is proud to once again be an affiliate of National Infrastructure Week. As the President and Congress work towards passing an infrastructure bill this year, Infrastructure Week and its message, “The future won’t wait. Neither can we. It’s #TimeToBuild,” is more important than ever.

America has always been a world leader and an example for other nations to emulate, especially when it comes to our technology. However, over the past several years, the state of our infrastructure has been in rapid decline. Our once new and high-tech infrastructure is now old and outdated. In fact, in 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers released its infrastructure report card and gave the U.S. an overall score of D+. This close to failing score is not acceptable to me and it should not be acceptable to any one of us.

Faulty and crumbling infrastructure puts our industry’s mission in jeopardy and prevents us from being able to deliver in the safest and most efficient way, but the impact is more far-reaching than just the trucking industry. These aren’t just the roads that our trucks travel to keep our stores stocked and economy moving. They’re the same roads that our families travel on, our children take to school and our emergency vehicles drive on. Our families and neighbors all depend on structurally sound and safe roads and we deserve no less.

Investing in our infrastructure also helps keep our economy strong and create even more jobs. The trucking industry is a huge contributor to the economy providing $739 billion in revenue each year and suppling over 7 million-plus jobs in the professional trucking industry. It also keeps our businesses and communities moving forward.

With so much dependent on strong infrastructure, from our community’s safety to our economic success and security, it is so important that we make investments to modernize our nation’s highway systems and prioritize the safety of the motoring public. Our industry will continue to push the administration and our state and federal lawmakers to work with us to strengthen America’s infrastructure and close the nation’s infrastructure investment gap.

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