There are countless ways to participate in Infrastructure Week.

It’s never too early – or too late – to start planning for Infrastructure Week 2019! Your organization is encouraged to take part—in whatever way makes sense for you. We’ve provided some suggestions in this section for difference ways to participate, but the sky is the limit.

Unsure of what to do during Infrastructure Week?

History is made by those who show up. That’s why events are so important: People coming together, talking, planning, and leading. Events unite strange bedfellows and draw press. Events are a platform for you to brag where you should, and to be a squeaky wheel where it’s needed. Events create photo-ops – and in infrastructure, a picture can be worth one trillion words.  

Check out our toolkit to spark ideas. Learn how to host an infrastructure field trip to visit a local port, airport, transit system, or other project. Use our invitation template to engage your mayor or Congressman to come tour a bridge that needs to be replaced or wastewater treatment station that is using cutting edge technology. Download our logo and brand info. As always, contact us with questions and to learn more.

Download Toolkit

Download the entire Infrastructure Week 2018 Toolkit, including a brand guide, field trip guide, message guide, and templates for a press release, op-ed, and more to ensure you get the word out about Infrastructure Week effectively.


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