Recap, fun videos, and materials from our March 21st Communications Best Practices Web-training

On March 21, we were pleased to have more than 75 people tune in for our first webinar about communicating the importance of investing in infrastructure. If you missed the first presentation but would like to participate in the future, you’re in luck. We are doing different versions of the same webinar on April 3rd (register here) and April 12th (register here).

Led by our Communications Director, Abigail Gardner, and joined by Becky Moylan of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Aileen Magnera of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the webinar walked participants through a number of best-practices for creating a persuasive message around infrastructure, some tips we’ve learned from polling and focus groups, and ideas for how to communicate during infrastructure week.

In her presentation, Becky references the ASCE Infrastructure Week report card, which is available at And the ASCE report, Failure to Act, on the economic ramifications when we fail to invest in infrastructure is available here.

RTC Southern Nevada produced some incredibly creative videos in its “Love the Cone” series which we discussed in our presentation as well. We encourage you to check out Cone Abuse (see top of page!) and Cone Scars, as well as a video of kids defining infrastructure – check out and share the video below! For all of us who love infrastructure, these will give you a chuckle.



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