Recap from our final communications webinar

Our third and final webinar in our series about communicating the importance of investing in infrastructure was April 12, and featured speakers from the U.S Chamber of Commerce and Greater New Orleans, Inc., who shared their expertise with our attendees. We reviewed a framework for creating a persuasive communications plan, with a focus on defining audiences and refining messages to target specific audiences, talked about focus group and poll results that can help shape a message, and offered some ideas for how affiliates can get involved for Infrastructure Week.

Stacey Day from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shared findings from the Chamber’s polling, and some insights into how the Chamber things about its targeted audiences and messaging most effectively. Tips from the Chamber’s communications on infrastructure includes getting as specific as possible (i.e. don’t just say you want to raise the gas tax – tell the audience by how much and over what period of time) and being direct and plain-spoken in your communications – no jargon allowed!

Caitlin Bernie from New Orleans, Inc. shared several regional efforts her organization has been a part of to invest in regional infrastructure, and what they’ve learned from past campaigns. From a new airport to ambitious plans to prevent coastal erosion, the New Orleans region has a number of significant infrastructure projects underway. New Orleans Inc. is using Infrastructure Week (May 14-21) as an opportunity to highlight progress, and Caitlin shared some of their plans for incredible infrastructure tours by boat and by plane for stakeholders and press.

You can watch the recording of our webinar here.


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