We encourage everyone to talk to the press, their constituents, their friends, and family about the critical role infrastructure plays in their lives. To help out, we’ve created a number of free resources to help spread the message.

Infrastructure Week is a great time to think creatively about how to talk about infrastructure. The ideas below are just a starting point.

Plan an Infrastructure Field Trip

Host an open house or tour of an infrastructure asset (a new bridge, a water or wastewater facility, an airport or seaport, energy production project, etc.) in your community. Invite elected leaders, business and labor community representatives, students and community members – and, importantly, the media. The more visual the tour, the better. Consider adding a breakfast or lunch with speakers (your mayor or city council, contractors involved in the project, citizens who will benefit from it) highlighting how this infrastructure asset matters to you, your community, and your region.

Host a breakfast or lunch-and-learn

Leverage Infrastructure Week and the assets of our Steering Committee Members and affiliates- local Chambers of Commerce, your section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, labor unions in your area, and more. For example, host a lunch at your local Chamber and bring in a speaker from your local ASCE section to present the brand new 2017 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, and have a Q&A with members of the business community and local elected officials or the general managers of your water utility, transportation authority, etc. Contact us at for help getting started!

Forums, Workshops, and Seminars

For think-tanks, business groups, planning agencies, and other organizations, you may be interested in planning a workshop or forum with panels discussing critical infrastructure issues in your area. Consider partnering with a national organization or regional affiliates to help expand your audience and bring in expert speakers.


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